How to predict credible targets?

metaTarFisher hopes to find the most credible target by using different target prediction methods and also their unique advantages. Therefore, all predicted results can be obtained by inputting only one query compound structure.

Step 1: Input SMILES

Step 2: Click to predict credible targets

Note: Different prediction methods will cost at most 10 minutes, be patient to wait until all the tasks finished.

Step 3: Analyze targets

How to search targets

A database contains 3270 targets which were refined and collected from the related tools and resources is available for searching. The protein name, UniProt ID, gene name or ChEMBL ID are supported.

How to download targets

The 3270 targets are now available for download as *sql file, users can import the data file into a MySQL database.

From Description Total
metaTarFisher All the target items including protein name, UniProt ID, gene name and ChEMBL ID 3,270 OK! Download